Here are some of the apps we've developed over the years.

These were a result of successful partnerships with companies including Intel, Xerox/PARC, Oracle, Meijer, Concordia Publishing House and EagleView Technologies, among many others.




Developed the FitnessIQ Android app for Intel. Built from the ground up, it is deeply integrated with lntel's Cloud Services Platform (CSP) SDK and was prominently showcased at Mobile World Congress.

Core features include activity monitoring and sensing via GPS tracking and pedometer functionality available through the CSP SDK. Distance, time and calorie activity data is calculated real time as well as determining if the user is sedentary, walking, running or biking and how long the user has been idle and active. Activity data is logged into charts that displays activity data dynamically in the UI as well as their current speed which is shown on a speedometer.



Blue Canoe Learning

Developed the hybrid Android and iOS Blue Canoe Learning language learning game from the ground up. The app was developed using the Cocos2d-JS game engine on top of the Ionic hybrid app development framework and was written primarily in JavaScript and CSS.

Features include implementation of all gameplay mechanics including card animations, carousel hand management, card drag and drop functionality, gameplay logic and computer AI play with turn handling capabilities.



Developed the OlyArts Android app from the ground up. OlyArts is a leading publication platform based in Olympia, WA that covers all things theater, arts and culture.

Utilized the Wordpress JSON API to handle dynamic querying of data from their website and displaying it in a mobile friendly format. Custom libraries were developed to display a large variety of traditional website elements to ensure mobile compatibility. Implemented a custom featured posts swipe module and optimized overall performance via asynchronous loading and caching of images.



Meijer is a large American hypermarket chain with over 200 stores across the country.

Developed core features for their high-profile Android app (1MM-5MM installs) including the coupon and shopping cart management system and implemented the Meijer mperks coupon management system to allow users to view, clip, manage and remove coupons in different categories and view total savings.


Meshin Calendar


Meshin was formerly a company incubated within Xerox (PARC) that focused on the development of a calendar app with note taking capabilities.

Developed their entire iPhone, iPad and Android apps from the ground up and received rave reviews from the community with 100K+ total installs. Meshin Calendar is an Evernote calendar app that aggregates a user's set of Google and Exchange calendars on their device and enables them to manage their calendars and add, edit and link Evernote notes to them via the Evernote API. Data is synchronized across iOS and Android devices via a proprietary REST API.



EagleView Technologies

EagleView provides aerial roof measurement services and reporting for their customers, specifically those in the insurance and construction industries.

Developed their entire iPhone, iPad and Android phone and tablet apps from the ground up. Features include map view and location services integration; account creation and management; placing and viewing roof measurement report orders and histories; uploading, editing and annotating property photos; rendering 3D versions of roof images using an existing CAD image.


Taleo World


Taleo is an Oracle-owned cloud-based talent management company.

Developed the Android app for the Taleo World conference from the ground up. The app allows attendees to access schedules, speakers and featured solutions as well as a calendar to keep track of their session list. Also includes Facebook and Twitter integration with sharing capabilities and viewing updated feeds.



VisibleBrands is an advertising and data network engineered to connect advertisers, retailers, and shoppers in the grocery aisle.

Developed their entire Android app from the ground up. Features include providing shoppers with the ability to manage their shopping list, look up recipes, locate stores and obtain product coupons. Utilizes the Cellfire QBridge API for coupons, ZipList SDK for recipes and Janrain SDK for single sign-on and seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter.


Concordia Publishing House

PrayNow is designed to meet the needs of the Christian who wishes to follow a disciplined order of daily prayer centered in the Scriptures and to use the rich resources of the church’s ancient daily orders of prayers with writings from the Church Fathers.

Developed both their Android phone and tablet apps from the ground up. Content for daily readings is dynamically pulled from a large repository of HTML files based on a specific liturgical calendaring algorithm and includes functionality such as bookmarking, note taking and customizing the user interface.

Pastoral Care

Concordia Publishing House

Pastoral Care provides easy-to-navigate rites and resources for the care of people in times of sickness and distress, joy and celebration. Psalms, Scripture readings, prayers, hymn texts, and commentaries are woven together and applied to more than 60 different situations.

Developed both their Android phone and tablet apps from the ground up. Content and logic for readings including psalms, scriptures, prayers, hymn texts and commentaries are all accessed through a C++ library using the Android NDK. Includes a calendar view that algorithmically displays liturgical events and the ability to bookmark content, take notes, play music and customize the user interface.


Vulcan, Inc.

Worked on development for Aro Mobile, a Vulcan (Paul Allen) funded company that focused on building a suite of productivity applications that allowed users to efficiently manage their contacts, emails, events, places and other user-specific information. It delivered relevant, intelligent information using natural language processing and semantic data analytics services.

Developed core features for their Android app including a directions provider, travel time calculator and GPS-based geographic search functionality using the Google Maps API, AJAX Search API and Android MapView and Map Overlay. Also developed the contact app creation and edit UI infrastructure and implemented the design using SQLite and SOAP to sync data with Gmail and Exchange servers in addition to designing and implementing the user signup and login authentication processes using OpenID and OAuth.