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Here are a few of the many apps we’ve worked on over the years.


We developed ProMinute Office Hours, a video Q&A platform for higher education, and its extension app for general mentorship on iOS and Android from the ground up. The apps enable students to connect with their teachers, professors, and experts through short-form, one-on-one video recordings. 

The iOS app was built natively in Swift and the Android app was developed using Java/Kotlin. Both were built on top of the Google Cloud platform with cross-platform functionality support. We incorporated custom video compression and streaming playback components to efficiently handle the upload, exchange and playback of numerous long and large-sized videos.



Developed NORTH, a native iOS app, for University of Washington's Behavior Research in Technology and Engineering center. It was developed to be a self-guided tool designed to support wellness of young adults experiencing
symptoms that increase their risk for mental health conditions.

This app was built on Google Firebase for the back-end. Features include lessons with a easy to read, book-like swipable reader view, practices to reinforce concepts, an information section with helpful resources and a tracking section that provides visually provides users with an at-a-glance view on their progress.

College Mapper

CollegeMapper is a native iOS app aimed to help guide aspiring college students through the oftentimes overwhelming college admissions process.

Built in Swift on Google Firebase, the app helps students prepare, select, and apply to universities by breaking down complex procedures into manageable tasks. Key features include a personalized to-do list, progress tracking, reminders, and instructional video clips.



Developed Bolster, a native iOS app developed in Swift, for University of Washington's Behavior Research in Technology and Engineering center. This mobile health tool is specifically designed for caregivers supporting young adults experiencing early psychosis, particularly those not currently engaged in services. The aim is to investigate its potential in facilitating better treatment assistance by caregivers.

Utilizing Google Firebase for the back-end, Bolster includes features such as easily digestible lessons presented in a book-like swipable format, exercises to strengthen the understanding of concepts, a wealth of resources for deeper insights, and progress tracking capabilities employing visually engaging charts and graphs.

Blue Canoe Learning

Led the development of Blue Canoe Learning, a language learning game, using Swift, Java, Ionic, and Cocoa2D-JS to create a hybrid iOS and Android app.

Our development work included implementing all of the game's mechanics, such as card animations, carousel hand management, card drag-and-drop functionality, and gameplay logic. We also developed a computer AI play feature, complete with turn-handling capabilities.


Pregnancy Test Checker

Designed and developed Pregnancy Test Checker, our own app, to assist current and aspiring parents in determining whether their pregnancy tests are positive or negative. The app features an "enhance" function that enables users to apply various photo effects to their pregnancy tests, making it easier to discern the second line.

We also created a Google Cloud-based, Instagram-like community where users can share photos of their pregnancy tests, as well as receive and submit votes and comments. To date, the app has been downloaded over 500,000 times and boasts a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on the App Store. We currently have over 60,000 monthly active users, and we continue to optimize and add new features that our users love, fueling our rapid growth.

DoubleDown Interactive

Spearheaded the development of the Fort Knox casino app for Android, which is the latest offering from DoubleDown, a prominent player in the social casino app industry. DoubleDown boasts several leading titles, including DoubleDown Casino, DoubleDown Classic, and Ellen's Road to Riches, with tens of millions of downloads worldwide.

Our team collaborated closely with DoubleDown's in-house design, front-end development, and back-end development teams to create this full-featured social casino app. Built around Unity and Android framework, the Fort Knox casino app offers a seamless and engaging user experience.



Developed the entire suite of mobile apps for EagleView, a company that offers aerial roof measurement services and reporting for clients in the insurance and construction sectors. These apps were created from the ground up and are available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

The apps come with a host of features, including integration with map view and location services, account creation and management, placing and viewing roof measurement report orders and histories, uploading, editing, and annotating property photos, and even rendering 3D versions of roof images using an existing CAD image.


Collaborated with Meijer, a major American hypermarket chain with over 200 stores throughout the country, to develop crucial features for their high-profile Android app (1MM-5MM installs). These features comprised of the coupon and shopping cart management system, which were integral to the app's functionality.

Furthermore, we implemented the Meijer mperks coupon management system, enabling users to view, clip, manage, and remove coupons across various categories, along with tracking their total savings.



Developed an Android shopper education tablet app for Safeway. This app was showcased at stores nationally to help teach customers about different aspects of the shopping experience and understanding basic concepts like price per ounce. 


Lighthouse is a native iOS app we developed with a team of medical professionals to enable verified physicians across specialties to engage in curbside consultations.


This tool facilitates exchange of complex clinical cases for collaborative learning and teaching. Users can maintain discretion with an anonymous posting option, and professional integrity is upheld through a stringent verification process for all participating MDs and DOs. With Lighthouse, we aimed to create a conducive digital environment for knowledge sharing among physicians.


Best Buy

Product management consulting for their flagship iOS and Android retail mobile apps.


Partnered with their executive, product, design and development teams to enhance the core buying experience. Led initiatives including cart and checkout conversion and UX optimization, Save for Later, Apple Pay expansion and increasing customer adoption and satisfaction for their credit card program.


Developed the OlyArts Android app from the ground up. OlyArts is a leading publication platform based in Washington that covers all things theater, arts and culture.  

To enable dynamic querying of data from their website and present it in a mobile-friendly format, we utilized the Wordpress JSON API. To ensure mobile compatibility, we developed custom libraries to display a diverse range of traditional website elements. Moreover, we implemented a customized swipe module to showcase featured posts and optimized the overall performance through asynchronous loading and caching of images.

FitnessIQ App


We developed the FitnessIQ Android app exclusively for Intel, which was built from scratch and seamlessly integrated with Intel's Cloud Services Platform (CSP) SDK. This app was prominently showcased at Mobile World Congress.

The app's key features include activity monitoring and sensing via GPS tracking and pedometer functionality, all of which are available through the CSP SDK. Real-time calculations of distance, time, and calorie data are performed, along with detecting the user's activity level, such as sedentary, walking, running, or biking, and the duration of inactivity and activity. The app logs this activity data into dynamic charts, displaying it in the UI, including the user's current speed, which is shown on a speedometer.

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