We are a trusted and proven team of senior product and software development experts with extensive experience in the mobile app development industry. We graduated from top engineering schools including Berkeley, Stanford and the University of British Columbia and worked at companies such as eBay, PayPal and DoubleDown Interactive in design, engineering and product management roles.

Our Founding Team

Michael Lee

Michael leads the product team at Inventive Mobile and has over 13 years of experience in product management and design roles. Prior to Inventive, he led the digital product team at a search engine marketing startup where he built and led a 12-person team of designers, developers and analysts and played a key role in its eventual acquisition by a multinational advertising company. Prior to this, he was a risk management analyst at PayPal. Michael graduated with an engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jessica Yu

Jessica leads the engineering team at Inventive Mobile and has over 12 years of experience in software development roles with over 9 of those years dedicated to mobile app development. Prior to Inventive, she was a senior mobile developer at various startups in the Seattle area. Jessica graduated with a computer science degree from the University of British Columbia.