About Us

Inventive Mobile, Inc. is a mobile app development company based in the Seattle area that specializes in the development of Android and iOS apps. Since 2010, we have developed over 30 apps that have been downloaded 10MM+ times on Google Play and the App Store.

We are a nimble and dedicated team of software and product development experts with 30+ years of combined experience in the mobile app development industry. We graduated from top engineering schools such as Berkeley, Stanford and the University of British Columbia and previously worked at companies including PayPal, Morgan Stanley and Vulcan, a company founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.


We have partnered with many notable companies including Intel, Xerox/PARC, Oracle and Meijer, among many others.

Inventive Mobile is my go-to development group for rapid and professional mobile development. Their stellar team has perfected the art of delivering precisely to a strategic imperative, nailing the functional design and going above and beyond to ensure my business objectives are achieved. I love working with Inventive, and I recommend them highly to any business, large or small.”
— Ned Hayes, Senior Manager of Software and Services at Intel